RIZZO Companies

RIZZO Companies

RIZZO is fully supported by our world class engineers and scientists, testing and inspections services and several Key Collaborative Companies, all in an effort to provide local and international presence, that allows us to offer client-specific support while servicing a particular niche market specific.

Global Engineering Solutions through Imagination, Integrity, and Quality.

• We take particular care to be good listeners
• We stay close to our clients
• Our most experienced principals are "hands-on"
• We believe that successful consulting requires sound and solid experiences
• We are proud of the quality of our services and our responsiveness to client schedules


Rizzo Associates Czech, a. s.

Rizzo Associates Czech, a.s. (formerly Stevenson and Associates September 30, 2012) and CKV Russia provide seismic – and structural-related services to Russian-designated reactors in Russian Federation countries and the former Eastern Bloc. These offices also provide additional support for nuclear-related RIZZO projects throughout the world.

The founders of these offices have spent extended periods of time developing state-of-the-art, international consulting techniques applicable to structural mechanical design and analysis of industrial structures, systems, and equipment, with particular emphasis on hazardous petro-chemical facilities and nuclear power plants. Learn More... 


Nuclear Structural Engineering Pty, Ltd. (NSE)

Since it was founded in 2006, NSE has worked on challenging and technically demanding projects to meet the growing demand for specialized structural engineering services in the Civil Engineering Industry in South Africa. This highly focused and dedicated firm of structural engineers has the ability to provide clients with the specialist knowledge and expertise to fulfil their specific requirements on a given project, no matter how complex the task. In keeping with RIZZO's global business efforts, these offices offer nuclear power plant engineering support services through the region.

RIZZO Testing & Inspection Division

RIZZO Testing & Inspection (formerly Fall Line Testing and Inspection, LLC) provides construction materials testing and on-site construction support services. This Division specializes in remote, major projects in all sectors. Corporate Headquarters are located in Pittsburgh, PA and a dedicated testing laboratory located in Denver, CO, enabling us to easily span the country. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and our mobility to easily locate to a clients' project site, no matter how remote.

Our engineers and technicians are highly qualified in the inspection and testing of many types of construction materials and varied construction techniques, and have years of hands-on experience through their participation in many projects throughout the United Sates. We are dedicated to providing superior Quality Assurance and Quality Control for construction projects by offering stringent testing oversight.