Why Join RIZZO?

Why Join RIZZO?

At RIZZO Associates our dedicated team of talented professionals and skilled engineers is the heart of our global success.

With five US offices, including our Corporate Headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and eight international offices, RIZZO offers a variety of locales to call home while presenting a chance for travel with projects based in countries such as Australia, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates, and various South American and European countries.

Dr. Rizzo founded this company on the belief that strong, personal customer relationships are the foundation and building blocks of success.  His convictions and work ethic continue to inspire the working atmosphere at RIZZO and are reflected in the fact that we are outperforming companies that are twice our size.

We appreciate your interest in a career with RIZZO.  As we continue to utilize the decades of experience housed within our company, we are constantly working with the next generation that will lead us into the future and continue our success.  We offer a wide range of positions, from internships to entry level to senior management. Please see our current list of job openings.

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Continuing Education

At RIZZO Associates our employees are our most important asset.  We believe in supporting individual growth and professional development through continuing education. RIZZO offers professional development reimbursement and tuition assistance programs for team members completing job-related courses and seminars.

Adam Helffrich, Level 4 Engineer

“RIZZO’s Continuing Education Program has afforded me educational opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable.  Allowing me to work on my Master’s degree while still maintaining my work schedule is difficult, but very worth the effort.  It’s gratifying to see the company investing in me as I work towards my higher degree.  My professional development would not be where it is right now without this program.”

John Paul Giunta, Level 10 Engineer

“RIZZO’s Continuing Education Program allowed me to obtain my master’s degree on part time basis while working full time.  Without the benefit of this program, I don’t know if I would have been able to accomplish this.  RIZZO clearly recognizes the value of an advanced degree, both for the individual and the company.   I feel very fortunate to work for a firm that has such a program in place.”

Bradley  Yagla, Level 3 Engineer

“RIZZO’s Education Assistance program has provided me with the opportunity to pursue a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering.  I believe the knowledge and experience gained from this degree program will be of benefit to my current work and future challenging projects at RIZZO.  Already I am applying the concepts learned from coursework to address and find solutions to multifaceted and complex problems.  Education assistance provided by the company encourages employees to work towards additional education and professional growth which are mutually beneficial endeavors now and in the future.”