Power Generation Industry

Power Generation Industry

RIZZO is a key consultant to the power generation industry, where our primary clients are and have been power generation utilities. We have continuously supported the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) on several energy and power generation projects nationwide. Our experience includes multiple applications as they relate to nuclear, fossil, wind, and hydropower generation technologies.

Our contribution to the success of these projects is in the following important areas: geotechnical engineering and foundation design; seismic risk determination; dam safety; structural analyses, engineering, and design; SSI analysis; SPRA Fragility analysis; and the assessment of the impact of the project on the environment.

RIZZO staff provides a wide range of services to our power generation clients, including high-level and detailed modeling of complicated nuclear structures in unique subsurface conditions, preparation of complete license applications for new nuclear power projects, and  the management of construction for $300,000,000+ utility capital projects.  This broad range of knowledge and experience is what differentiates RIZZO from most consulting firms, and our utility clients appreciate our complete in-house capabilities to take their energy production projects from conceptualization to operation.


I. Nuclear Power Generation

Serving as a specialized consulting firm, RIZZO has had a long-term involvement in the nuclear industry.  Even during the lull in commercial nuclear plant construction in the late 1980s and into the 1990s, our firm maintained a full practice with consulting commissions. We provide world-class technical expertise in four broad service areas: assessment of natural hazards, site characterization studies, site-specific analyses studies, and evaluation of nuclear structures, systems, and components for hazard loading.

Our capabilities in seismic engineering are based on a strong foundation of project experience and access to current software, analytical tools, and databases. Our capabilities in flooding analysis include a wide range of hydrologic and hydraulic tools, including coastal engineering and quantitative risk analysis.

RIZZO has provided engineering services for a large number of clients including utilities, NSSS suppliers, regulatory/oversight bodies, architect-engineers, and component suppliers. We have continually met demands for tight schedules and budgetary constraints with quality deliverables as documented by our list of repeat clients.

Our Czech Republic office (RIZZO Cz) and our St. Petersburg, Russia affiliate (Stevenson & Associates-Ru) assist RIZZO US in providing seismic and structural related services for Russian designed nuclear plants. RIZZO has experience with the following nuclear technology: AP1000, APR1400, ABWR, APWR, AES2006, PWR and VVER.

RIZZO implements a formal QA Program that meets the requirements of 10CFR50, Appendix B and ASME NQA-1-2004, 2008, and 2009A.  Our QA Program has been formally audited by numerous clients from 2006 through 2010 including AmerenUE, AREVA, Bechtel, MHI, PBMR, Sargent & Lundy, Shaw, UniStar, and Westinghouse.


II. Hydropower Generation

RIZZO has been involved with hundreds of hydropower projects worldwide. Each hydropower site is unique, and the determination of project feasibility, development of overall project layout, and selection of the type, size, and number of turbines are key skills that RIZZO has developed and honed over the years, working on projects from 500 MW high-head and high-flow projects down to 150 kW installations at existing dams.

In addition to our experience and expertise related to hydropower project conceptualization and design, RIZZO engineers are well versed in the analysis, design, remediation, and construction of earthfill, rockfill, conventional concrete and Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) dams, as well as large hydraulic structures including intakes, channels, tunnels, and penstocks. RIZZO’s experience includes: the evaluation of powerhouse structures, gates and valves; penstocks; hydroelectric equipment and controls; performing feasibility studies for new facilities; licensing and permitting; construction management; operation; the development of remedial measures; and upgrades for the repowering of existing facilities.

RIZZO personnel are involved extensively with projects licensed by the FERC, and we perform Part 12 Inspections, PFMAs, Dam Safety Surveillance and Monitoring Plans and Reports, and analysis and design for FERC licensed facilities. Our long term relationships with utilities demonstrates their confidence in the quality of our work, and the fact that these clients continue to return to our firm for additional work when the consulting services market is saturated is evidence of the quality of our work.

RIZZO has two current staff members (Hans Hasnay and Bill Broderick) with over 20 years of experience in the electric utility industry. These individuals possess an owner’s perspective that is unique to consulting firms serving the dam industry. Additionally, our firm designed, constructed, and participates in the ownership and operation of a hydropower plant in south-central Pennsylvania, giving our engineers unique insight to understanding the owner/utility viewpoint and concerns related to hydro project development and day-to-day operation issues.


III. Fossil Generation

RIZZO provides expert consultancy services for coal-fired and natural gas power generation projects in the United States and throughout the world. RIZZO routinely provides seismic hazard analysis, siting studies, Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA), geotechnical investigations, soil improvement foundation recommendations and design, construction services, and plant’s equipment and components structural and seismic certification.  Our firm has worked side by side with both EPC organizations and electromechanical equipment suppliers providing sophisticated consultancy related to critical items that impact the safety and operability of critical equipment.  Our experience includes work in both simple and combined cycle generation projects.

RIZZO can perform siting studies and geotechnical investigations in almost every country in the world. We provide efficient foundation solutions for settlement-sensitive power generation equipment over difficult subsurface conditions, which typically pose a significant risk for owners and developers to finance safe, functional, and successful projects.

Our firm has extensive experience in dynamic analyses related to both seismic ground motion and rotating machinery.  We have performed machine vibration analysis and seismic response with Soil Structure Interaction (SSI) models, applying both conventional procedures and state-of-the-practice computational tools.  RIZZO also provides construction inspection and supervision, pile testing programs, and inspection and certification of critical structural components that anchor essential machinery and piping systems.  Experts in RIZZO are familiar with international building practice and with local construction codes. Our certification services follow international building standards and practices and comply with local construction codes.