Structural & Seismic

Structural & Seismic

RIZZO has been internationally recognized for our expertise in the evaluation of seismic issues for major industrial facilities such as power generation plants, nuclear facilities, and dams.  Our senior staff has over 40 years of experience in the structural and earthquake engineering and consulting services.  More specifically, we provide structural and foundation engineering and consulting services for a wide range of civil works projects.


Our expertise in earthquake engineering, including ground motion studies, site response analysis, and soil-structure interaction analysis, sets RIZZO apart from the competition. In recent years our projects have included design, analysis and construction of seismic upgrades for power generation plants, dams, nuclear plants, historical structures, tunnels, shafts, underground structures, Department of Energy Facilities, and liquefied natural gas facilities.

The majority of RIZZO's structural engineering projects have utilized AUTOCAD,REVIT,GT-STRUDL, STAAD.Pro, SAP2000, NASTRAN, CEASER, AUTOPIPE, and RISA-3D software for analysis and code checks.  Our seismic and structural engineering work for NPPs utilizes SASSI, SHAKE, RVT-SHAKE and ANSYS software for analysis. Additionally, we maintain several special purpose programs to supplement these general-purpose codes.  We also increase our capabilities in static and dynamic non-linear analysis using software such as ADINA and LSDYNA.

RIZZO maintains in-depth knowledge of prevalent codes and standards, such as AISC, ACI, ASME, IEEE, EPRI, IBC,UBC,NWS,ANSI,NRC,ANS,IAEA,ASCE and ASME, for construction in steel, concrete, masonry and wood.  Our staff regularly attends short courses to keep up to date with code changes and practices, as well as the use of design and CADD software.  Our engineers are
familiar with computer-aided analysis and design and are encouraged to develop productivity software for in-house use.

Our capabilities extend to all construction materials; senior-level staff members participate in code committees for organizations such as ASTM, ASCE, and ACI.


Structural and Seismic services include:

  • Detailed dynamic analysis for harmonic vibration response and thermo-mechanical analyses of equipment and piping systems
  • Eurocode 8
  • Existing Conditions Analysis
  • Evaluation of other types of static and dynamic structural loads
  • Fatigue evaluations
  • Finite Element Analysis for transient heat transfer analysis, non-linear structural analysis,and impact analysis
  • Forensic Investigations
  • Foundation Interface Condition Reports
  • NPH/Seismic Analysis
  • Piping Support
  • Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis (PSHA)
  • Quality Assurance/Quality Control
  • Seismic Analysis & Design
  • Seismic Evaluation of Structures & Components/Qualifications
  • Seismic Probabilistic Risk Assessment (SPRA)
  • Seismic Retrofit & Rehabilitation
  • Seismic, Wind and Tornado Walkdowns for Nuclear Power Plants
  • Site Response Analysis
  • Soil Structure Interaction (SSI), with and without consideration of Inchoerence in Ground Motion
  • Specialized Software Models
  • Stability Analysis
  • Structural Fragility Analysis for Structures, Mechanical and Electrical Equipment and Distribution Systems